Learn everything you need to know about Smarty Pants and cloth nappies.

Product FAQs

Want to switch to cloth nappies? It's simple.

Learn everything you need to know about our easy peasy Smarty Pants.

You can start swapping out with 3 or 4 cloth nappies and our trial pack is perfect for that.

Anything over zero cloth nappies means you’re on your way.

However, for a full time cloth nappy routine, and working on 8-12 nappy changes per day, or one every 2-3 hours, a full time stash would include around 36 nappies.

This will give you enough to wash every 2-3 days and still have plenty on hand and not run out. 

As your baby gets older, they will go through less and less nappies, dropping to around 5-7 changes per day.

So a stash could be anything you want it to be, because as we all know that once you start, the pretties can sometimes become an addiction. Especially in the warmer months, when the nappy becomes the outfit.

One size fits all, baby! 

Cloth nappies will grow and evolve with your babies from your first until your last.

Sometimes, your nappy shell may lose its elasticity around the legs, or the PUL liner will break apart and become less waterproof, but if you are gentle with your washing and care, there’s no reason your youngest can’t be using the same cloth nappy as your oldest did.

Our nappies are a pocket style nappy.

The main part is a colorful outer or “shell” which consists of a cotton Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) outer lined with a suede cloth inner, stitched together with elastic around the legs and snaps to adjust the fit of the rise and belly fit.

The Cotton PUL outer is waterproof, and with proper care and wash routine will last the life of the nappy, and in most cases will be handed down to other babies over many years.

The suede cloth inner allows the moisture to wick away from baby’s delicate skin, into the absorbent insert.

The insert is made from a blend of bamboo microfibre - 5 layers to be exact. The two outer layers are bamboo which absorbs moisture at a great rate, very quickly, and pulls it into the inner layers of the insert which are the super thirsty microfibre. The microfiber can well and truly hold many times its weight in fluid, but under compression, like a sponge, the fluid leaves also very quickly,. This is where the bamboo steps in again and absorbs the liquid, to create another defence against leakage. 

If the insert is full however, nothing is going to stop leaks. So changing the nappy when it is full, similar to a disposable, is the kindest and most sensible thing to do. If the nappy is full, no amount of strength or engineering in the PUL outer is going to contain that amount of wee.

So be sensible, and kind, and once it’s wet, get them into a clean, dry, comfortable nappy. Simples!

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